Wednesday, 4 February 2015

EPM finally available on edelivery

After the most disorganised EPM release I can remember the downloads are finally available on edelivery.

The downloads are packaged in the same was as which is definitely more manageable than the OTN release.

It is also looks like the same installer release/drop as the one on OTN which is good.

The file sizes for each package are identical as well (based on a windows x64 download)

Both OTN and Edelivery total = 14.4 GB (15,478,989,858 bytes)

At least you can now download the official release :)


Olivier said...

Hi John
I have done a full install on win2012 and I cannot get essbase to start with the bat. Using essbase.exe works but I cannot deploy applications.
I have done the same install on win2008, all good. Where should I start looking?
I dont get any error message or anything. Everything works (EPMA, LCM, workspace etc...), just essbase...


John Goodwin said...

Olivier, have you tried starting the OPMN service, if there is still a problem check all the OPMN and essbase related logs as they should indicate the issue.