Sunday, 7 September 2008

Never-ending EAS outline save

I was going to start an installment of ODI with planning and essbase blogs today but I just can’t face sitting in front of the laptop so just another quickie tip.

If you are using the web EAS client and trying to save an outline it just has a never-ending message of outline saving which it never actually does.

This one has cropped up from a variety of people recently and has a simple solution and it all comes down to version of java your machine is running.

Open control-panel then Java, click the java tab and view for the JNLP, it is most likely that you have a 1.6 version enabled, simply just untick the 1.6 version and enable a 1.5 version, if you have no 1.5 available then download and install the 1.5 JRE from sun.

Then just start up EAS web client again and your problem will be solved, maybe EAS is using some classes that are deprecated in java 6 (1.6) ?

I will return with the ODI series shortly.

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