Saturday, 31 May 2014

Planning and Smart View

Just a quick update from me which I was going to write when PSU was released but I totally forgot, recently I have heard about this issue a couple of times so I thought I might as well post it in case it happens to anybody else.

When I first patched an environment with .500 everything looked good, well that was until I tested out a planning form in Smart View.

The colour formatting had been lost on retrievals and at first I instantly thought it was due to the patching so was going to rollback .500, the more I thought about it I came to the conclusion that it must be related to Smart View as there were no other noticeable problems with planning.

I checked the installed Smart View version which was and read through the .500 readme and did not see any mention of the required version of Smart View.

I then searched for the latest version of Smart View and it was at that time, I know it is currently at which could even have changed by the time I post this.

I installed Smart View and retrieved the same form again.

Issue resolved and just to be sure I rolled back to and the issue was present again.

So the simple solution is if patching planning to then make sure you are on Smart View which should be easy to implement if you have a small user community though more of a challenge if you have a large user base which deploys Smart View by package management.