Saturday, 17 January 2009

Planning V11 Sample application bug

Usually I wouldn’t really highlight a bug but I am not sure when Oracle will release any patches for V11 and this bug is going to affect people if they are going to start learning the new version of planning with the provided sample application. This bug applies to versions &

When you create a sample application it creates the start year to the current year set on the machine running planning.

There is no problem creating the actual application it is only when you try and initialize the application the problem occurs.

Not the best start if you are a newcomer to planning and the last thing you want to be doing is trying to figure out what went wrong.

The problem relates to a year member FY08

When initializing a new member called Actual is created in the Scenario dimension, next it tries to set the start year for Actual to FY08, FY08 does not exist because the application was automatically created starting at 2009 so it fails.

The solution for now is simple, you will need to delete first delete the sample application, then update the clock on the planning machine and set it to 2008. Restart the planning service and create the sample application again.

This time the start year is set to 2008 so in planning will show as FY08 and when you initialize it should run through without any problems

The year can be returned back the correct setting on the planning machine. No doubt this will be fixed in a future patch and I will update this blog when it becomes available, until then I am sure more people are going to encounter this issue, at least there is an easy workaround.


Anonymous said...

Changing the server clock that runs planning isn't that simple when it syncs the time from domain controller or virtual server platform :(

Роман said...

Other solution is:
1. Start create application without mark in "Sample Application"
2. Go to page "Calendar" "Fiscal start year"=2008 and "Total year"=4
3. Go to page "Finish" (and nothing to do)
4. Go to page "Select" and mark "Sample Application"
5. Go to page "Finish" and press button "Finish"

Can you see in page "Finish" all items is correct (Fiscal Start Year: 2008)

Raph said...

Nice solution Pomah. Work like a champ!