Sunday, 15 May 2011

Planning – Upgrade Wizard

The recent release of planning brings new application administration features which are worth a quick mention.

These can be accessed from workspace under Administer > Classic Application Administration > Planning Administration.
Even though it is being accessed through Classic Administration it also applies to EPMA enabled applications.

The Upgrade Wizard is a new addition.

Previously if any data source elements had changed you would have to edit each data source individually, now it is possible to mass update this information.

So for instance if say the essbase server was rehosted or account information had changed then all the data sources can be updated at once.

Select the data sources that require updates, enter the new information, apply then save.

In previous versions if you wanted to upgrade a planning application to the latest release you would have to log into the planning application and select migrate, it is now possible to upgrade multiple applications at once which saves time if you have just upgraded planning.

In case of upgrade failure the upgrade process for each planning application is logged in <MIDDLEWARE_HOME>/user_projects/epmsystem1/Planning/planning1

and in the format of


If you have never understood what happens when a planning application is upgraded it is worth having a look at the log as it will give you a good idea of the steps taken.

The last option is “Update Reporting Essbase Servers”

If you are using the Reporting Application functionality essbase server connection information changes then it is possible update this for single or multiple applications.

I did notice a security flaw with the new functionality as if you go directly to http://<planning_server>:8300/HyperionPlanning/UpgradeWizard.jsp then anybody can access the Upgrade Wizard pages without the need for authentication, I am sure this will get fixed in subsequent patches but something to be aware of at the moment.

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