Tuesday, 28 August 2012

ODI – Planning KM bug + fix

Just another really quick update from me today, I have seen a few posts on the following issue and it actually hit me first time I used with planning so I thought I would quickly go through the problem in case anybody else hits it.

The issue seems to be only related to

When you create an Interface to load from any source to a planning application and go to select the IKM you will probably see the following.

No matter what has been set as the staging area and even though the “IKM SQL to Hyperion Planning” has been imported it is not possible to select the IKM.

Don’t worry it is not something that you have done wrong and has been recognised as a bug


There are two options available to get over this problem you can either use a workaround which is


First open the KM

Change the Source Technology from “Generic SQL” to “<Undefined>

Open the interface again and the IKM should either be available or selected.

The alternative is to download and apply a recent patch, personally I feel this should be the preferred option as you will not need to worry about changing the technology each time the IKM is imported. (ok you could change the technology and then export the KM overwriting the existing one)

The patch
can be downloaded from Oracle Support.

The patch basically consists of an updated KM but to make sure it is applied correctly and recorded then Opatch should be used.

 Extract the patch to the ODI Opatch directory and run Opatch to apply the patch.

You will notice that Opatch has just copied the new IKM replacing the existing one.

In Studio right click “IKM SQL to Hyperion Planning” and select “Import_Replace” and locate the IKM file.

If you open the IKM then you will see that the patched version has set the Source Technology to “<Undefined>” and any planning interfaces should now be able to select the KM.

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Hi John,

Once again congratz by the work that you are doing here.

Just want to make a suggestion, what about ODI migrations and repository problems? I think that exists very good people that would like to see a post about that.

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