Tuesday, 22 January 2013

EPM configurator – host unreachable

I was recently working on an Windows 2008R2 environment build and was hit with the following error in the configurator:

The error didn’t occur at first as I was able to successfully configure a number of products but when I started up the configurator again it started to warn that the database server was unreachable, at first I was hit with an anxious feeling that I had messed up but I was sure I had configured correctly and I knew the database server was definitely accessible. 

After clicking “OK” to the warning all the correct component configuration was displayed so there were no problems connecting to the database.

I did keep on ignoring the error message as there were no signs of problems with configuration and I put it down to a possible firewall issue with the database server but the back of my mind I did want to know the answer.

I recently stumbled up the following information:

“EPM System Configurator tests whether this address is reachable. A best effort is made to reach the host, but firewalls and server configuration may block requests, resulting in an unreachable status even though some specific ports may be accessible. The Java call typically uses an ICMP ECHO REQUEST if the privilege can be obtained; otherwise, it will try to establish a TCP connection on port 7 (Echo) of the destination host.

You can ignore the warning and continue, or you can open up port 7 and the warning will no longer be displayed.”

I thought I would have a look at confirming the information was correct and enabled the firewall on a VM environment, starting up the configurator generated the same warning message.


I did enable ICMP in the inbound firewall rules on the database server and was able to ping it but unfortunately it did not resolve the issue for me in the configurator.

I ran a Wireshark trace when opening the configurator and you can clearly see the echo request of port 7 to the database server.

I then added a new firewall inbound rule on the database server firewall to allow all connections on TCP port 7.

I ended up rebooting everything just to be sure, started up the configurator and success the warning message was no more.

So if you do get hit by the warning don’t panic as it may just a firewall causing the pain.

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