Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Planning change homepage default view

There is a new property available from to change the default homepage view when you first log into Planning.

The default for a user is the Task List view:

The default view can be changed at application level from Task List to be either Forms or Approvals.

To change the view go to Administration > Application > Properties

Add a new property name called HOME_PAGE and to set the default view to forms add a property value of “Forms

Restart the planning web application server.

If a user then logs in it should display the default view of Forms.

If you want to change the default view to “Approvals” then just add that as the property value and restart.

The application default view should then be Approvals and if you want to set it back to Task List then delete the property or update the value to “TaskList” and restart.


Duncan said...


I'm on Hyperion

I made the changes in this article to our planning application.

A new variable HOME_PAGE is set to "Forms".

After restarting the web and application servers; the login page still directs to the tasks page.

Is there something else I am missing?


Prashant Bapuji said...

Hello John, Nice easy way of illustrating how to add/change the HOME_PAGE application property. Can you also please advise how to make the Forms or Preferences links(dropdowns) on left hand pane totally disappear. Users dont have to know what forms are out there and the functionality should be strictly driven by taskList. Appreciate your insights. we are using


Anonymous said...


What does the SUBS_VAR_DISPLAY_OPT do? I don't see it in any oracle documentation. Please advise.