Sunday, 20 July 2008

It's a new dawn..

The time has finally arrived, the mounting pressure has paid its dividends and I have finally cracked, yes the blog has begun. I will take a lot of stick over this one because I said I would never do it, but when the nation calls you must answer.

So what is this blog going to contain, well unfortunately if you don't want to know about the Hyperion product set and were looking to the answer of life then it is time to leave, then again some people think it is the answer to life so it might be of some interest.

I just want to try and put down the things I have come across and some tricks and tips along the way, chance to answer most common questions on the forums, also it will give me the chance to showcase some of the applications I have developed not that I am going to spend most of the time plugging.

With the fresh arrival of the longest named suite Oracle Hyperion EPM Fusion etc etc it is a good chance to go through some of the new features and what it has to offer, is all the excitement in the air wasted breath or can we believe the hype. As I am known to knock about on the Planning forum then this is going to be the first stop to look at the new functionality.

On with show..

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