Saturday, 29 October 2011

EPM – EAS and Studio console installers

When version 11 was released it seemed like Oracle didn’t really want to make life easier when it came to installing clients, to install the clients required a number of large foundation and product related files to be extracted.

At first there was only Smart View available as a standalone installer, no Excel add-in, Financial Reporting Studio, EAS or Essbase Studio console installers were available.

It wasn’t until a patch release in that the Excel add-in was made available as a standalone installer.

From the Financial Reporting Studio was finally available with its own installer.

Now I may be the last to know about this but the other day I noticed the following patch.

Initially viewing patch 12978472 doesn’t provide much information as it advises to consult the Read Me file.

If you have a look at the Read Me and defects fixed in the patch you will find that installers have been created for EAS and Essbase Studio consoles.

Download the patch and there you have it two installers are available.

Just like other EPM client installers it is just a matter of running the exe and following the wizard.

So if you are looking for an easier way of installing EAS and Studio consoles then you now have this option.


  1. John,

    I can't find this patch. Metalink is ginving me this 'No Patch name or number found for '1297847'.'

  2. Thank you .. very helpful ..


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