Monday, 29 April 2013

EPM available

Just a quick update from me, EPM is now available on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

Some of the key points from an infrastructure perspective are:
  • You can use Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Configurator to remove an EPM Oracle instance, for example, if you want to scale down a deployment by removing an instance or you want to remove an incorrectly configured instance.

  • If you are installing and configuring Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition, Oracle Data Integrator is automatically installed and configured for you. The database for Oracle Data Integrator will be in same database as FDMEE, and the Oracle Data Integrator agent application will be deployed in same JVM as FDMEE.

  • The rapid deployment process now uses a simple wizard to install and configure EPM System components and Oracle database.

  • Standard Deployment now includes Oracle Essbase Studio, Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management, FDMEE, and Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance.

  • You can configure Oracle HTTP Server to a shared drive location to simplify configuration in a distributed environment.

  • Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) Client Installers are now provided for Oracle Hyperion EPM Architect, Strategic Finance, Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting, and Oracle Hyperion SQR Production Reporting.

  • The Windows Start Menu and the Services Control Panel now reflect separate product instances.

  • EPM System products support vertical scaling for Oracle Essbase Server, UNIX-based components, and Windows-based Java web applications (except for all Oracle Hyperion Financial Management components, all Strategic Finance components, all Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management components, Performance Management Architect Dimension Server, and Essbase Integration Server).

  • A new Log Analysis tool is a command line utility that helps you quickly identify the cause of issues by analyzing the applicable log files. Because this tool automates log file analysis,you do not need to locate and scan through product log files to identify system issues.

  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management now supports SOA clusters.

  • Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace now integrates with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

  • You can access the database repository using an LDAP-based URL.

  • Port Manager, a feature of EPM System Configurator, manages port uniqueness by using Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Registry to check if a port is in use. Port Manager auto increments ports so that ports not already in use are always shown.

  • Release supports applying the maintenance release for WebSphere configuration from prior 11.1.2.x releases.
More information to follow soon.

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  1. Hi John,

    Tried to install on an AWS instance, all went well except when I try to open workspace I get a 404 error :(
    The services all started ok, diagnostics come back blazing red for everything on port 9000, which is where workspace is meant to be!




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