Monday, 24 March 2014

EPM patch has landed

Finally after a long wait EPM has arrived and the patch comes in a bundled 1.8GB download or as Oracle likes to call it a superpatch.

There are a few exceptions as the .500 Essbase related products were released last week and are separate downloads, I believe this also applies to DRM.

Patch 17529887: Patch Set Update: for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System

The clients for EPMA, HSF, Crystal Ball, Predictive Planning and the Smart View Planning extension can be found under:


It is amusing that the patch is under what is now known as Hyperion HUB in Oracle Support, if anybody can remember HUB it was the original name many moons ago before changing to Shared Services, everything seems to go in a full circle.

From my perspective these are the key updates:

New Database Certification:
  • Oracle Database 12c release

New Client Certifications:

  • Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 24 ESR
Note: Support for Firefox 17 ESR is deprecated with this release.
  • Microsoft Office 2013
New Server Virtualization Certifications:
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (Virtualization Windows Server 2008 and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for Windows)
Mobile Certifications:

EPM Mobile App:
  • iOS7, phone and tablet
  • Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 phone and tablet
Tablet-Friendly Planning User Interface:
  • iOS7, tablet only, Safari and Chrome browsers
  • Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, tablet only, Chrome browser
  • Windows 8 Standard, Pro and Enterprise Editions, tablet, Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 browsers
Financial Reporting:
  • iOS7, phone and tablet, Safari browser
  • Android 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, phone and tablet, Firefox 26+ browser
I know some will look at that list and ask where IE11 support is or windows 2012 server, well they are not there and considering how long it has taken for .500 to be released and how far looks off you may be in for a long wait.

Also if you are using planning in non ADF mode then IE10 is not supported.

Besides some new additional functionality to various products I think the main talking point will be the EPM mobile app.
  • Provides users with easy access to key business information, for faster decision making and improved process flow
  • Enables on-the-go review and approval by managers and executives
  • Allows approvals and workflow across Planning, Financial Management, and Tax Provision
  • Offers a consistent user experience across EPM products by leveraging Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) mobile technology
  • Is available for Apple and Android phones from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
EPM Mobile is available for these EPM products:
  • Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Tax Provision
A very interesting update for planning besides the new mobile functionality is the performance enhancement claims which seem to be suggesting a massive improvement in response times and memory and CPU usage.
  • Response times were reduced by up to 98% comparing to earlier PS3 releases.  The improvements are greater with larger loads and with actions involving large forms, but even single user response times for actions such as scrolling through forms were 10-20% faster. 
    Memory and CPU usage were reduced resulting in more than a 50% increase in Planning server capacity. 

    These results are based on testing of an actual customer application with Hyperion Planning running on a Windows 2008 server with 12 physical cores.  The server had 144 GB RAM but the Planning heap size was limited to 4 GB.  Actual performance may vary based on application design and hardware specifications.
Unfortunately I don’t see the same sort of improvements mentioned for Financial Management.

Another noticeable configuration option is for Calculation manager which allows change from ADF to Bindows if performance issues are being experienced, is this Oracle agreeing there are performance related issues around ADF.

The readme for the patch is huge so it will take a while to digest as there are not only a large number fixes but at the same time a raft of known issues.

The patch in the main looks to be applied with just Opatch but depending on the product set being applied to there are quite a few additional steps to follow so make sure to read through thoroughly.

One thing is nice is that applying the patch looks to automatically install the required ADF patches in to oracle_common home.



  1. Hi John,
    Do you have any news on the Java JRE version, as to which one is compatible to use with this release ?
    Azmat Bhatti

  2. Early bird, Thanks John. We'd like to have a look and enjoy.

  3. I noticed after apply the patch the 2 oracle_common/OPatch files failed. I had to do it separately after the patch was completed successfully. I am using MS SQL. I just wanted to post the comment.

  4. The support matrix states:
    JRE Plug-in 1.6.0_35+
    JRE Plug-in 1.7.0_07+

  5. Hi John,
    Do you know if it will support Win 2012 server ?
    Azmat Bhatti

  6. Many thanks, John! I know is Win 8 certified -- however, I assume it is not Win 8.1 certified. Any idea when that may come --

  7. Azmat, please read my post again :)

  8. Hi Mike, I am not sure about Windows 8.1 yet, in the support matrix it mentions only Windows 8 but for IE10 it suggest 8.x

  9. Hi All,
    as Windows 8.1 comes with IE11 out of the box...
    Windows 2012 is not supported with PSU500. It was rejected in fall 2013 for the PSU500 because Windows 2012 uses the latest IIS 8.x

  10. Hey John,

    Did you try downloading the EPM Mobile app?

    I was able to find it for my android phone but not for my iPad.


  11. Hi Jayant,

    The EPM mobile app is now available in the app store

  12. The huge list of known issues scare me. Some of them are very critical especially worried about HFM.

  13. Hi John,
    Have you had any feedback from anyone reporting that EPMA Dim Server will not start after applying the patch?

    We've had one customer that has this issue and have not found any others with the same deal.

    Ed Puente

  14. Hey John,

    Wanted to say, your blog is always so helpful. Really appreciated the amount of time and effort into this.

    I think I might be a little bit blind, but I don't think there is a 64 bit EAS client available is there?

    I can only see the 32 bit.

  15. Yes there has only been a 32bit version.

  16. Hello. I can't figure out: Is there any possibility to see Web Analysis Reports on the Tablets?

  17. I would be suprised if you ever see Web Analysis on a tablet as it has pretty been at the end of its life as a product for a while now.

  18. Hi John,
    After applying the PSU we are not able anymore to connect to HFM via HFM API.
    Can you give us some hints?

    Many thanks.

  19. You need to download the "501" patch.

  20. Any tips for getting the EPM mobile app to work? Trying to connect and keep getting a "Connection Error" message. Perhaps the port is different than when connecting through IE9? Any settings or provisioning need to be done in Shared Services?


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